domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015


Missing spring already ? Here comes a post for the boys who terribly hate winter, like me, and just wish for the spring to come badly, i couldn't choose a better designer for menswear, one of my favorites actually, and for this spring/summer of 2015, JUUN.J a South Korean Designer, shows a great collection which the "king" color is white matching with other tones, such as silver, black, dark blue and even vertical stripes pattern. A minimal concept, with over sized boxy fit silhouette, a lot of v necks, trench coats and some moto jackets too. I just fell in love for this collection it's so clean and simple, but has a unique touch from JUUN.J which i totally love, mainly that one silver outfit which totally screams my personality. 

Rodrigo Gil

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  1. Já falamos sobre isto...
    É a tua cara, imagino-te com todas as peças da colecção!
    Quanto à Primavera.... ainda vai demorar a chegar, até lá temos que aguentar este frio ibérico.