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OOTD NEW INS - Winter to Spring Transitioning Outfits | THE INSIDER & WE DRESS TO EXPRESS Collab. - Part.2

First things first, congratulations!, you made it to the part two for THE INSIDER & WE DRESS TO EXPRESS collab, Winter to Spring transitioning  outfits, and for this post i would like to start giving a big thanks to my favorite girl blogger, owner and writer of the WE DRESS TO EXPRESS blog and friend of course, on making this possible, a big THANK YOU to you my love and let other collaborations came in.
Now for this part two looks we wore a more outstanding style, we went from sporty and casual (part. 1 looks) to a classic, formal and chic style.

For my look i chose to go with the same basic turtleneck top that you saw on part one, but this time i paired it up with no sweaters above it but instead, i wore a neoprene/scuba moto jacket, yes it's a moto jacket and i know what you're gonna say, there's nothing of classic chic on a moto jacket, but this neoprene fabric and the color it softens so much the edgy and fierce look of it, giving a more structured look too, as for the bottoms i wore a stable piece on my closet, plaid high waisted formal baggy pants, i just totally love this style, their a new in on my closet but not the first ones with this style and probably not the lasts too, for my shoes i chose my double sole leather creepers, must say they're my bff to my feet, i've wore them so much already and i must say i'm not tired of them and they can give more like a classy look or edgy one, for the accessories i still kept it simple with a chain silver chain necklace, some rings and the circle sunglasses.
For my beloved fashion companion i have one sentence, "less is more" and no one better to show it than this girl, and A line short dress with some "piet de poule" pattern to stand out, no jewelry, a color blocking pink handbag contrasting with the black & white, some circle sunglasses, and the most outstanding chic piece, which i love, the high knee boots, praise lord of shoes this girl is working it, no platform, thin heel with the perfect measure to give some height, and that detail on the back of the leg, is just drop dead gorgeous, definitely two thumbs up for this look loved it.

To see a more detailed description of Marcia's look on her blog click the link below:

Rodrigo Gil

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  1. Conseguimos vestir conjuntos de transição antes deste frio polar voltar a atacar x)
    Estamos de novo no Inverno, o próximo outfit post vai ser c casaco de pêlo, botas, luvas e cachecol.



  3. Gostei particularmente dos teus problemas emocionais latentes que levam à tua extravagancia e à necessidade de atenção insaciável que por consequência leva a essas perturbações de personalidade. Não, não sou homofóbica/o simplesmente repúdio gente com necessidade de atenção. Consulta um psicólogo faria-te bem. Triste.