domingo, 20 de setembro de 2015


Moving away from your hometown to study abroad might get the nuts out of you on the first weeks.. i mean... Finding Home for yourself in a pouring rainy day when you're all packed up with 3 gigantic suitcases it gets the nerves out of you, BUT! let's put those bad things away and focus on what's really important and exciting... YES! you've probably guessed already that i'm talking about THE ROOM, well .. not the room but the idea of transforming that empty place into a comfy and beautiful place for you to live in. 
‪#‎roomdecor‬ it's the topic for this post and since i'm totally in love with the concept of minimal and white on white on white on white room decoration here's some inspiration ideas for the insiders who are moving home and want a clean and fresh new start. wink emoticon
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