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Hey there insiders!
I know i may be a little bit late on this kinda of topic, but i decided to share with you anyway, and since fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year, i felt the need of sharing my obsession with ZARA'S new Autumn/Winter 2015 collections for both man and woman. 
I can totally say it will be my go to shop for this year shopping experience. I must admit my style is evolving into something more sober, minimal with structured classic lines, but still with a touch of uniqueness, and these two collections are the perfect example to show you that.

For the Men's Collection i must say i was so impressed on seeing that Sangwoo participated as the role model with another one cutie with platinum dope blonde hair. The collection it's perfection by itself, starting on the palette color, black, white, grey with a touch of militar green it's something that can never go wrong, moving to the silhouettes, boxy and oversized fit ? I'M IN! Specially with those flowy long knits. The collection brings a mix between darkwear, knitwear, with sporty-chic, and a touch of what i like to call it classic dope, so i'm definitely keeping my eye on this. 

Now for the Ladies, this is actually an editorial but all those pieces are available for purchase already. And as the name says it's Knit on knit which you may think it can be a little boring, but zara definitely knows how to work with knits, and one thing that i'm totally in love it's those mixed yarns, and long rib sweaters with drooped shoulders. It makes casual wear look still comfy but at the same time polished and precisely beautiful.



Rodrigo Gil

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