quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2016


Hey There Insiders!

As a fashion enthusiast nothing gives me more thrills than a launching of new trends and collections, and that's the exact topic for this post, except that this ain't just some random collection that i found out on the internet while searching for something to create a new post for this goddamn blog, no! Instead i'll bring you a fresher and younger look on the fashion scene for portugal emerging designers. You probably guessed right now, or you should have by the title of this post, it's Eduardo Jorge, former editor, creator and partner on becoming this blog "real". 
As i cheated on fashion design for fashion communication, my friend continued his journey on becoming Portugal next top designer, and so "VANISHING" was born, a collection with both men's and womenswear for this fall/winter 2016/17.
According to the Elemental macro trend this one manifests a desire for calm and silence, when society seeks a new meaning for the proper functioning of our inner self, and as the designer describes, this theme takes a step back, breaths and considers what's really "elemental" before the big technologies that surrounds ourselves.
As for the clothing the design screams a warm mix between what's classy with structured/oversized cuts and some sporty silhouettes, long coats are definitely the must have along with the oversized printed sweaters and winter vests.
Congrats on my friend on the launching of this masterpiece and don't forget to check out the illustrations, color panel and inspirations.

Stay tuned! for more "VANISHING" merchandise!


Rodrigo Gil

sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2015


Hey there insiders, today i came to talk about a different and never done topic on the insider which is a little tour on my room in Guimarães where i'm taking my masteries on fashion communication. I gotta be honest here i could've done this kinda of topic before but... well... let's say that this room is way better than the others, it reflects more my personality now.

There isn't actually nothing special about it but what i like it so much is the fact that i brought some effort on constructing everything so i can be comfortable and cozy. I kept it simple, minimal all the way and a fresh clean decor to kinda occupate some space, cause having an empty room it really gets my nerves. So starting with the color palette white is certainly the base and then i pulled out some "color" with greyish tones, beige and a touch of black from my clothes, as for the decor like i said i kept it really simple with some boxes, a light jar DIY'ed by me and in one of my favorite corners i decided to construct a space only for my cosmetics, you know! so i can beat my face on my daily routine, this was made with simple white table and grey mirror with lights attached again DIYed.

Hope you all like it ;).

Rodrigo Gil